9:30 AM – 4:50 PM

Provided by NC SOD Producers Association

ceu__lc_greenceu_pa_blackceu_nalp_red Monitoring for Pest Problems, A New Perspective

Charles Peacock, NC State University

Turf pest managers have many new types of technology to help detect weed, insect and disease infestations. These new monitoring techniques for detecting pest problems using digital imaging and other technology can be incorporated into an IPM program. This technology will allow earlier detection of problems and in many cases reduce the amount of pesticide used by treating preventatively on smaller areas. This seminar will introduce new technologies available to turf managers to reduce pesticide inputs based on pest monitoring with digital imaging devices.

ceu__lc_greenceu_pa_blackceu_nalp_red Common Abiotic Problems Observed in NC Lawns

Jim Kearns, NC State University

Identification of common turf diseases is critical to an effective IPM program. This presentation will cover common abiotic issues observed in North Carolina that are commonly mistaken for turfgrass diseases. This presentation will cover distinguishing diseases from abiotic issues so turfgrass managers have the knowledge needed to make an informed decision on deploying a fungicide or other type of pesticide. Participants will be able to see the differences between turf diseases and abiotic turf problems with numerous photos of abiotic issues that have been collected by the NCSU Turf Disease Clinic. The last portion of the program will cover current topics from our Turf Disease research in 2016. Current issues that will be discussed include large patch control, brown patch management in tall fescue and nematode management in landscapes.

ceu__lc_greenceu_nalp_red Smart Irrigation and Healthy Landscapes

Grady Miller, NC State University

Learn tips and techniques for effective home irrigation. Topics to be discussed include: water needs and impact of drought; understanding the grass-soil connection and its impact on water requirements; common irrigation mistakes; irrigation scheduling; and irrigation best practices with the use of “smart irrigation technologies.”

ceu__lc_greenceu_pa_blackceu_nalp_red An Integrated Approach to Managing Difficult Turf Weeds

Fred Yelverton, NC State University

This seminar will provide participants information about weed control products for landscape turf using new herbicide chemistry and herbicide application strategies. Identification strategies to properly diagnose and manage difficult to control weeds will be discussed from the relationship of landscape culture and pesticide management programs. Attendees will be exposed to weed management practices including chemical and cultural turf weed control techniques in the landscape. Participants will learn about specific weeds in NC with an emphasis on common and troublesome weeds in landscape environments and effective control programs.

ceu__lc_greenceu_pa_blackceu_nalp_red Developing a Comprehensive Management Strategy for Landscape Turf Pests

Matt Martin, NC State University

Turf managers in the SE United States manage different warm and cool season turfgrass species that require different approaches to pest management. This seminar will focus on developing an annual pest management strategy for cool and warm season turf species. Participants will learn turf management programs to successfully control pests in cool and warm season turf throughout the year. Participants will also learn the most recent NCSU turf research information for cultural and chemical practices that reduce disease, insect and weed infestations.


Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

Look for these icons in the education session descriptions to ensure you can earn continuing education credits toward your state or national accreditations. Some CEUs may be pending approval.

LC Landscape Contractor License (NC) - Technical CEU

LCB Landscape Contractor License (NC) – Business CEU

LA Landscape Architect License (NC)

IC Irrigation Contractor License (NC) – Technical Irrigation CEU

ICB Irrigation Contractor License (NC) – Business CEU

ISA International Society of Arboriculture - Certified Arborist

PA Pesticide Applicator License (NC)

NALP National Association of Landscape Professionals – Landscape Industry Certified

SAF Society of American Foresters