Sponsored by Belgard

Two-Day Course

ceu__lc_greenDAY 1: MONDAY, JANUARY 16 — 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

ceu__lc_greenDAY 2: TUESDAY, JANUARY 17 — 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Instructor: Belgard Representative


Earn Your ICPI LEVEL ONE Paver Certification — Learn Skills to Increase Your Bottom Line

This practical two-day course is designed to enhance the knowledge of individuals involved in the construction and installation of interlocking concrete pavements. The course is taught by ICPI Instructors and is tied together with a video that takes participants through a step-by-step concrete paver installation.

The following informative topics are addressed in the curriculum:

  • Job planning and documentation
  • Estimating quantities
  • Job layout and flow
  • Soil characteristics and compaction
  • Base materials
  • Edge restraints
  • Bedding and joint sands
  • Selection and installation of concrete pavers
  • Maintenance and management
  • Specialty applications and construction tips
  • Safety
  • Estimating and job costing
  • Contract basics.

Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

Look for these icons in the education session descriptions to ensure you can earn continuing education credits toward your state or national accreditations. Some CEUs may be pending approval.

LC Landscape Contractor License (NC) - Technical CEU

LCB Landscape Contractor License (NC) – Business CEU

LA Landscape Architect License (NC)

IC Irrigation Contractor License (NC) – Technical Irrigation CEU

ICB Irrigation Contractor License (NC) – Business CEU

ISA International Society of Arboriculture - Certified Arborist

PA Pesticide Applicator License (NC)

NALP National Association of Landscape Professionals – Landscape Industry Certified

SAF Society of American Foresters