Exhibitor Registration

With an average of nearly 4,500 attendees at Green & Growin’ over the last four years, the cost of an inline 10 X 10 booth for NCNLA members is 14 cents per attendee.





In-line Booth
Member: $600 Non-Member: $850
End Booth
Member: $700 Non-Member: $950
2 Booth End-cap
Member: $1650 Non-Member: $2090
4 Booth End-cap
Member: $3300 Non-Member: $4180
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“Great show – LOTS of buyers here this year!” “The move-in help was EXCELLENT!”

Rules and Regulations

Neither NCNLA nor its volunteers are responsible for any misplaced or damaged material GG_6x3_BoothSetUp_right_wrong_crop

  1. Exhibitors are not permitted to place booth materials outside their respective booth boundaries.
  2. Displays and/or products are not permitted to extend above the side curtains more than five feet from the back of the booth. This enables everyone to have a line of vision to all neighboring booths.
  3. Exhibitors may not begin tearing down or removing items from their booths until the show is officially closed at 3:00 pm on the final day.
  4. All exhibitors are responsible for their exhibit materials. Do not leave anything behind; (sell,donate, take it home or give it away after the show closes) but you must make the necessary arrangements.

Equipment Dealers

No more than 2 gallons of gas inside equipment. Gas tank must have a locking gas cap or be adequately sealed by tape. All battery cables on gas-powered equipment must be removed and taped to avoid potential sparks.

Christmas Tree & Pine Straw

All cut Christmas trees, greenery and pine straw must be treated with a Fire Retardant to prevent any fire hazards.

Tree Size

Maximum 36” or 45 gal, and overall height no more than 15 ft. will be allowed on show floor. Any trees larger than this will be trimmed prior to moving into the exhibit space.

Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather, the NCNLA Board of Directors reserves the right to make an onsite decision regarding early tear-down and show closing.

Boxwood Certificate

To prevent the spread of Boxwood Blight, all boxwood dealers are required to send in or have a copy of their Nursery Certificate and Boxwood Compliance Agreement. No plant material will be unloaded without a copy on file with NCNLA if boxwoods are on the trucks.

Selling Booths

If selling your booth, please make sure you mark your booth before leaving. If you or your buyer do not have flagging tape, please see the Exhibitor Desk. Clearly mark your booth with buyer information, forms are provided in your onsite handout. Please inform your buyers that they must go through Staging during move-out, they may get in line after 4pm.

Booth Donations

If you would like to donate your booth plant material, please notify NCNLA. A form will be in your onsite trade show handouts.

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