9:30 AM – 4:50 PM

ceu_lcb_greensqceu_nalp_redDo you Really Understand the Law Governing your Landscape Contractors License?

NC Landscape Contractor Licensing Board

In layman’s terms, the law and what it really means to you, will be covered by members of the NC Landscape Contractors’ Licensing Board in everyday language. Most of the current licensees have been grandfathered in to be licensed. A high percentage of licensees have never read the law itself and have little understanding of the statute that governs the practice of Landscape Contracting. The law is written in legalese, but this class will reduce the legal language to a more informative and understandable discussion of applied compliance topics like continuing education, renewals, type of work regulated and operational business requirements. This will be a good forum for questions and answers.

ceu_lcb_greensqceu_nalp_redMinimum Standards and Rules Governing your Landscape Contractors License

NC Landscape Contractor Licensing Board

The law requires that a set of Minimum Standards for practice be established that also governs the practice of landscape contracting. These Minimum Standards have been developed by a committee of your peers, proposed and adopted in Rules that are approved by a legislative committee. These minimum standards cover topics such as Planting, Turf Establishment, Grading, Drainage Systems, Low Voltage Lighting, Pools, Retaining Walls, Paving Surfaces, Pruning and Native Grass Establishment.

Rules govern both the practice of being a Landscape Contractor and how you must conduct your business in the practice of your license. The Minimum Standards are a portion of these Rules, but there are other rules that will help you stay on track and hopefully this will simplify your day to day operational practices in order to operate easily within the law.

Understanding these critical practice guidelines can help you as a professional licensed landscape contractor and help reduce the chances of a Rules and/or Minimum Standards complaint.

ceu_lcb_greensqceu_icb_bluesqceu_nalp_redJob Costing & Bidding

Marcus VandeVliet, MV Enterprises

Job costing is required for an Owner & Manager to consistently track the performance of crews when you cannot be in the field. It is a vital tool to improve estimating, accountability and employee management. Job costing allows you to get a profit and loss statement for each project, providing current and accurate data. Job Costing software and reports will also be reviewed. Job Costing is your company’s scorecard, providing metrics for improvement.

ceu_lcb_greensqceu_icb_bluesqceu_nalp_redAvoiding a Disaster in NC

Zach Bruce, Hortica Insurance

In this presentation, Zach will cover how to develop an emergency action plan, business restoration, Insurance options, and available resources to help you before during and following a natural disaster occurance.

ceu_lcb_greensqceu_icb_bluesqceu_nalp_redHow Proactive Sales Will Help You Raise Business Performance

Ryan Stroup, LandOpt,LLC

You can’t afford to wait for the phone to ring anymore! Being proactive means you are thinking ahead. Rather than being reactive and waiting for a response, you are projecting and learning more – leading to an increase in sales and the number of wins. Objectives include: Understanding of the proactive sales process, Understanding how your sales plan should work, Understanding the application and how it applies to your culture.

ceu_lcb_greensqceu_icb_bluesqceu_nalp_redHow to Understand and Deal with HOA Requirements

Leslie Herdon, Greenscape

Want to discover what makes an HOA run smoothly and what will make you a superstar with your community manager? How about those things landscapers do that drive them crazy too? We run down the list of community manager secrets straight from some of the areas, best HOA community managers in this session.


Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

Look for these icons in the education session descriptions to ensure you can earn continuing education credits toward your state or national accreditations. Some CEUs may be pending approval.

LC Landscape Contractor License (NC) - Technical CEU

LCB Landscape Contractor License (NC) – Business CEU

LA Landscape Architect License (NC)

IC Irrigation Contractor License (NC) – Technical Irrigation CEU

ICB Irrigation Contractor License (NC) – Business CEU

ISA International Society of Arboriculture - Certified Arborist

PA Pesticide Applicator License (NC)

NALP National Association of Landscape Professionals – Landscape Industry Certified

SAF Society of American Foresters