9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

ceu_lcb_greensqceu_icb_bluesqceu_nalp_redLabor and Guest Worker Programs

Kerry Scott, Mas Labor Solutions

Seasonal employers find it very difficult to hire sufficient, capable, reliable and legal workers for their businesses. This has proven especially so in the nursery and landscaping industries. For many, the only solution is the hiring of foreign workers through the H-2A (agricultural) or H-2B (non-agricultural) guest worker programs. The requirements for these programs make it important that prospective users obtain expert help. The goal of the presentation will be to help members of the NCNLA understand how the program is structured, how to make it work for them and how to find the professional help they need to utilize it.Hot Trends in Landscape Design – Part 1, Outdoor Kitchens & Living Spaces

ceu_lcb_greensqceu_nalp_redWhat’s It Worth? Promoting the Green in Green Industry

Bryce Lane, NC State University Emeritus

A compelling talk that will discuss different and creative ways to communicate and promote the value of what we sell and the services we provide. New generations of consumers have a different view of plants, landscaping and gardening. It’s time we take a good hard look at how we can appeal to those consumers and encourage their continued and increased use of green industry products and services.

ceu_lcb_greensqceu_icb_bluesqceu_nalp_redNC Sales & Use Tax Update

Ken Martin, Stancil & Company

Ken Martin of Stancil & Company examines recent changes to North Carolina’s sales & use tax law and helps to explain the potential impact to NCNLA member businesses.

ceu_lcb_greensqceu_nalp_redWeather & Drought Preparation

Anthony Lebude, NC State University

Dr. Lebude will discuss how to prepare your business for the winter climate and for extreme drought conditions if they should occur.

ceu_lcb_greensqceu_icb_bluesqceu_nalp_redShould I Stay or Should I Go Now? Firsthand Lessons in Transferring Ownership of a Business Under Duress and How You Can Prepare for It

Kurt & Matt Bland, Bland Landscaping

In 2004, 28 years after starting Bland Landscaping Company, Tom Bland retired suddenly and without notice after learning that his wife Nancy was terminally ill. His sons, Kurt and Matt, had both joined the business and luckily were prepared to take the reins of the company with barely one month’s notice of Tom’s leave of absence — from which he would never return to work. Kurt and Matt share their experiences before, during and after these unexpected series of events and offer advice for others considering or planning for the sale or transfer of a family owned company.

ceu_lcb_greensqceu_icb_bluesqceu_nalp_redOffer Credit to Customers: the Pros and Cons

Stancil & Associates

Offering credit to your customers can be a risky, but rewarding, endeavor. Do you know if providing credit will help or hurt your business? You need to weigh the pros and cons before you offer credit to customers.




Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

Look for these icons in the education session descriptions to ensure you can earn continuing education credits toward your state or national accreditations. Some CEUs may be pending approval.

LC Landscape Contractor License (NC) - Technical CEU

LCB Landscape Contractor License (NC) – Business CEU

LA Landscape Architect License (NC)

IC Irrigation Contractor License (NC) – Technical Irrigation CEU

ICB Irrigation Contractor License (NC) – Business CEU

ISA International Society of Arboriculture - Certified Arborist

PA Pesticide Applicator License (NC)

NALP National Association of Landscape Professionals – Landscape Industry Certified

SAF Society of American Foresters