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2018 Education Attendee

It’s a great place to meet with regular customers, greet new prospects, find new plant material and check out new vendors.

2018 Marketplace Attendee

GG’19 Featured Speakers

Bryce Lane

Professor Emeritus NC State University 

Ron Rosenberg

Award Winning Keynote Speaker and Author

Ian Baldwin

Leslie Halleck

Marcus vandeVliet

2019 Keynote Speaker

Ron Rosenberg, president of QualityTalk, Inc., is an award-winning speaker, author, and coach. He is a nationally recognized expert on association marketing and customer service, has authored several books and learning systems, and leads high-level marketing and business development coaching programs. Ron has presented thousands of presentations to businesses and associations serving a wide variety of industries and professions including self-storage, funeral, nursery and landscape, legal administration, medical and dental, and many, many others. He has worked with groups that serve minority and woman-owned businesses, community rehabilitation programs, and early child education, and has spoken for many meeting-planning, association-management and destination-management groups and nearly 50 association chapter leadership events.

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